frillSAP cards

love series card, birthday candle card, holiday santa hat card

card prep. baby series and love series!

baby series; carriage

housewarming series; home.

paper prep for love series & housewarming series

love series; spaceship series cards

spaceship card, 2014

birthday series; candle prep

preparing paper for birthday series; birthday hat

birthday series,
birthday present card

love series; engagement ring cards

preparing for love series; engagement

preparing cardboard dunes series

vacation series; cardboard dunes

vacation series; palm tree

vacation series; wooden boat

vacation series; cardboard dune & boat

holiday series; pine tree, santa hat, present

winter series; pine trees

gentleman series;
tie cards & fishing card

paper prep for ties & bow ties, for the gentleman series!

assorted cards

vacation series,
cardboard dune desert,
summer 2012

blank series,
color block card set


handmade sewn cards using recycled cardboard & fabric scraps.


card, cardboard, paper, greeting